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Tobias Gerth web 03
Tobias Gerth

Band: Swiss und die Andern


Tobi about Rockstroh Drums:



Jari Rebelein

Band: DYSE


Jari Custom Set


Jari about Rockstroh Drums: “Apart from quality and service, human interaction is always important for me. Now I’ve found both at Rockstroh Drums: a set that is everything I’ve ever wished for concerning workmanship, look, and sound, and great colleagues you actually enjoy sitting down with, having a beer and exchanging some ideas.”

Christian Schwidder "Cicka"

BandInsert Coin


Cicka Custom Set


Cicka about Rockstroh Drums: “And there was a BAM! When I came in and saw my Rockstroh Drums set, I totally flipped! Better than I ever imagined!

What I want to say is that the people of Rockstroh bring out the best of you and a drum set. The sound blows you away, the workmanship is top notch and most of all: it’s one of a kind!

I am glad to be part of a creative family, which is always willing to listen, offers the best of support, just as you would expect of a good drum manufacturer, and a family that has a future!

Rock on and all of this…

And now we break the sonic wall…”


IMG 0535
Daniel Reuschenbach

Bands: MenschabstinenzKuck ma Ich


Daniel Custom Set


Daniel über Rockstroh Drums: “A competent and likable group, with the know-how and commitment you need. The just read my mind and built my dream set just like that. Pretty cool.”

Tobi drums
Tobi Schiedt

Bands: Miles&FeetOAT


Tobi about Rockstroh Drums: “I’ve always wanted my own, individual drum set. With Rockstroh Drums I always have a direct contact that absolutely respects my wishes. Exceptionally nice and friendly people who know what they’re talking about and build really good drums.

I’ve realized: My Rockstroh Drums custom drum set is the best set I’ve every played!”



Daniel Annisokay.JPG
Daniel Herrmann

Band: Inner Space

Daniel about Rockstroh Drums: “After a little too long of a time with my old drum set, the wish for a new one was strong. Something of my own, something individual. I got into contact with Rockstroh Drums since they often provided me with a rental drum kit for tours and video shootings. This is how we got to know each other better and better, and I quickly realized they had to build my future drums! At the many, sometimes quite long, meetings, they were very patient, carefully listened and did a perfect and prompt job in executing my wishes. Friendly atmosphere, a great deal of know-how and a passion for details. That’s what Rockstroh Drums is all about!”

Lat Disko web 01
Lat Vegas

BandCaptain Disko

Lat Vegas about Rockstroh Drums: “Julia, Bruno and Falk convinced me from our first meeting with great attention to detail and the intention to make my ideas come true. All this connected with an open-mindedness, for which I am very thankful. The quality of the product speaks for itself anyway!”

Stephan Suske 2018 01
Stephan Suske

BandOis Easy


Stephan Custom Set


Stephan Custom Snare #1

Stephan Custom Snare #2


Stephan about Rockstroh Drums: “The perfection and dedication that go into each and every drum set built by the Rockstroh Drums team is outstanding. Every detail is thought through and my ideas were realized hassle-free and with the necessary know-how. I feel honored to be part of this extraordinary family that is Rockstroh Drums. The only difficulty is to actually decide on something when virtually ANYTHING is possible!”



 MG 2381
Mazze Wiesner

Bands: High VoltageMr. Rod, Herr Schmitt & Band, Independent


Mazze Custom Set


Mazze Custom Snare


Mazze about Rockstroh Drums: “A lot of companies can probably build cool drum sets. But at Rockstroh it’s even more than just a cool drum set! It is The Drum Set! It’s celebrated. Every little detail is meticulously planned, designed and finished with the greatest perfection to get that one of a kind set. Apart from their dedicated work, I really appreciate the personal interaction with Bruno, Falk and Julia a lot! No matter what problem you have, they fix it for you, and this is, in my opinion, what really sets Rockstroh Drums apart from other companies! I feel very honored to be part of the Rockstroh family, because that’s what it really feels like. A big family that has time for you and keeps in touch, in addition to the professional support. I love it!”

BjoernKerstan 4 web
Björn Kerstan

BandsTino Standhaft & BandNils Parkinson, Regina Supersoft, Futureboxx, Grüttrock & Studio Muff


Björn about Rockstroh Drums: “Bruno talked to me at a gig where he was supposed to play my set and said: the set was cool and all, but he had some better ones. Which is actually the case! After many cups of coffee at the Rockstroh Drums headquarters and the intensive teamwork to get a Rockstroh Drums workshop series going, I rented a nice Rockstroh Drums set and haven’t returned it since. Rockstroh Drums consists of a team aiming for the best and therefore building the best - honestly convincing instruments!”

Stephan Hoffmann

Band: Walking Dead On Broadway

Stephan about Rockstroh Drums: “Who’d have thought the only thing I didn’t hear when consulting about my own personal drum set was “nope, we can’t do that.” All my expectations were met or even exceeded! Together with straightforwardness and personal opinions a piece of art was created, which causes a stir at every gig. And that’s exactly what I wanted!”
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Max Weißenfels

Band: The BeeFees 


Custom Set

Max about Rockstroh Drums: “Creativity and vision meet technical know-how, flexibility and reliability. These have been my constant observation since the beginning of Rockstroh Drums. The fact that I hadn’t been an endorser up to now never kept the crew from providing me the best support for years when it came to repair, tune, or extend my drum set. An endorsement of Rockstroh Drums was therefore the corollary to our enduring friendship and cooperation.

Not only do drummers receive a drum set perfectly customized for them, but also continuing support’”


Fabian Stevens

BandsAlin Coen BandNufaOheimPhela


Fabian Custom Set


Fabian about Rockstroh Drums: “I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect instrument for years. An instrument that doesn’t leave any questions about sound, manufacture, or design unanswered.

Rockstroh Drums made my wish come true!

With incredible energy and joy you built me a drum set that is 150% what I’m all about. The passion that is put into every detail, and the perfection which contributes to every drum set’s unique features makes you certainly unique in this business!

A friendly team, which doesn’t only operate incredibly professional, but most notably values amicable cooperation!

A dream come true for every musician! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future!”

956766341002484 1528792290 o
Jerome Saborowski

Bands: Lick Quarters42B ABL 2B SOUND


Custom Set


Custom Snare

Jerome about Rockstroh Drums: “A big family full of love, harmony and a lot of power. Apart from their sensational work making straightforward customized drum sets, it’s especially the human factor that makes such a wonderful crew of this Leipzig drum shop.

And it’s exactly this positive energy you immediately feel when you test one of their sets. Like a dream inside a dream: You close your eyes, the set of your dreams in mind, open your eyes, and there it is. With a passion for detail concerning sound, but also design wise a one of a kind gem.”


Intruder Red Artist Pic 02
Intruder Red

Aktuelle Band: Masked Intruder


Custom Products: Custom Set




2014-09-04 20.42.08
Julius Kraft
Julius about Rockstroh Drums: “I’m into instruments with a history. I love old drums and cymbals with a unique voice. I’ve spent a lot of time with the search and discovery of personal sounds. This will probably never end. Luckily I’ve met the kind people of Rockstroh, who recently started to help me with this never ending story. For decisions like the choice of bearing edge angles, or the question whether reinforcement hoops may help my personal sound ideas, they would always provide me with their solid know-how. It’s great fun to work with people who know their craft, share their experiences, and are on top of all so friendly.”

“Super advice, super team, super sound, super craftsmanship, super service, super quality and super coffee!!! Cheers to Rockstroh Drums!!!“

Mk promo roughedit
Matt Krupanski

Band: Veres Narrow, EX- BoySetsFire Member


Matt Custom Set


Matt Custom Snare


Matt about Rockstroh Drums: “Right from the beginning and during my work with Rockstroh Drums I’ve never been this satisfied with the quality and service of a drum company. It is very special to work with an independent and newly founded manufacturer. The diligence and cordiality is something you don’t usually find at big drum companies, let alone the incredible variety and outstanding products offered at Rockstroh Drums.”