Configure your own drumset!



How to get in touch with you?

They easiest ways to reach us are by phone or email.


For any questions or concerns you can also find us on facebook, or you simply write us a message and we’ll respond to your request as soon as possible.

Is there a shop, music store or anything else where I can test your drums?

Our premises are located in Germany, Leipzig (04328), Riesaer Straße 66.

You’re always welcome to visit us, test our sets on-site and of course do a little shop talk with us.

If you’re planning to come by, please just call us in advance that we can ensure we’re not at an out-of-office appointment.

We guarantee that each of our drum sets is unique. Thus we won’t rebuild any of our drums, but you can use our custom sets as a source of inspiration for your own wishes.

Could you give me some helpful advice, if I only got ideas regarding the design of my drums, but not in terms of materials, drum parts, drumheads etc.? Which sound suits me best?

We accompany you on your way to your individual custom drums, from sound issues to the perfect design. Just give us a call during business hours or fill in the contact form and we’ll answer your request as soon as possible. We are going to to plan the drum set of your dreams together with you, and help you out with useful advice or any questions you might have.

What kind of information do you need to write me an offer for my dream drum set?

Besides your complete address you need to provide some more information concerning your personal ideas, demands and wishes:

shell material, shell sizes, type of bearing edge, shell finish, hardware finish, details regarding hoops, mounting system, type and set-up of lugs, drumheads, extras like name or custom badges, custom front heads and further specials.

What kind of drumheads do you use for your custom products?

Normally we use Evans Drumheads but we are happy to use any other drumheads you personally prefer.

How much time does it take from the order to delivery of a custom drum set / snare drum?

We usually need 3-6 months to produce your individual dream drum set. This, of course, depends on your special wishes.

What kind of payment options do I have? May I pay by installments?

We offer you the option to make your payment by transfer, PayPal or in cash. When placing an order you have to make a down payment of at least 75% of the final total.

If you need help with your personal financing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we basically ship to every corner of the world. (It is mostly just a matter of shipping costs).

Please send us all corresponding shipping information and we will prepare an appropriate quote for you.

Is it possible to get an endorsement at Rockstroh Drums?

For more detailed information please click on the link below: